Principal Investigators (Canada)

 Dr. Niall Ferguson 

Dr. Fran├žois Lamontagne


 Principal Investigators (USA)
 Dr. Derek C. Angus
 Dr. Marc Moss

Thanks to the CCCTG and the PETAL Network endorsing this research project.

Canada-US collaboration

We are proposing a new model for large, international trials.

This project emerged from collaboration between two high profile research networks in critical care:

The Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury (PETAL) Network


The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group

In the context of sparse research funds, this more efficient approach will extend the scope of Canada's participation in important international clinical trials. Each country will lead and share ownership of a large trial but assume a fraction of the total costs. While the proposed effectiveness trial will change practice, it is not feasible to conduct it in either Canada or the US alone.