Principal Investigators (Canada)

 Dr. Niall Ferguson 

Dr. Fran├žois Lamontagne


 Principal Investigators (USA)
 Dr. Derek C. Angus
 Dr. Marc Moss

Thanks to the CCCTG and the PETAL Network endorsing this research project.

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New Developments and updates for the ROSE Study

Upcoming PETAL Session | 02-25-2016 00:00

March 2016: ROSE Trial to be featured at Upcoming PETAL Network Session at American Thoracic Society International Conference, San Francisco, CA (May 13 to 16, 2016).
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ROSE Trial Opens in US | 02-25-2016 00:00

Feb. 2016: ROSE Trial Opens in US PETAL Network Sites in January 2016 - 21 patients enrolled in 1st month!
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NIH Review Committee | 02-25-2016 00:00

Feb. 2015: The ROSE trial was approved by the NIH Protocol Review Committee and will enrol patients beginning in 2016.
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